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A Japanese fashion brand established by Yasuko Furuta in 2001. TOGA = A white draped coat of the ancient Roman Empire, the original form of the clothes. It also has the meaning of holy clothes.

Launched a brand in 1997 and presented a collection in the form of an exhibition from the spring / summer 1999 season.

In the same year, launched the second line "TOGA PULLA". From 2010, he started "TOGA ODDS & ENDS" based on Re mass product concept. The men's line "TOGA VIRILIS" has been launched since the fall / winter season 2011

サイズ : 37 / 38 / 39

サイズ 37 : 23.5cm~24.0cm
サイズ38 : 24.5cm~25.0cm
サイズ39 : 25.5cm~26.0cm