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ナイキ ショックス R4は、ヒールの下側に配した4つの円柱形構造が優れたサポート力と高反発のクッショニングを発揮。軽量の合成素材とテキスタイルを組み合わせて柔らかく耐久性に優れたアッパーを実現し、つま先部分と足首周りには通気孔を配して通気性を強化しています。

NIKE, headquartered in Oregon, USA, is a global company that deals in sports related products such as sneakers and sportswear.

By developing products with an awareness of innovation, it has grown to become the world's top sports & fitness company. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Today it is a big brand that is indispensable not only in sports but also in the streets.

SIZE 26.0cm / 27.0cm / 28.0cm